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Race Injector Services

Most race teams have religious preparation routines for their race cars with careful attention to the finest detail, well at least the teams with cars at the front of the grid do!

Unfortunately some areas are missed, one of these being the fuel injectors which can operate under extremely arduous conditions, in particular GDI (gasoline direct injection) which have their tips located inside the combustion chamber.

The operating cycle for these items is harsh as they are required to perform in extremes of temperature then sit in park ferme allowing heat to soak from the engine into the injectors evaporating the fuel away and baking fuel additives which remain onto the already extremely fine tolerances within the injector. This can result in a loss of fuel flow and performance in such a manner that the deterioration goes undetected!

We recommend fuel injectors are regularly checked/cleaned to optimised their performance which will give cleaner throttle response and maximise engine output.

Injector Profiling

Our injector profiling service consists of providing you with a set of fuel injectors with matched flow characteristics ensuring you get the most out of your vehicles fuel injection system. Each injector has its performance charted along with other operating characteristics necessary for the best possible performance.

Voltage offset figures can be plotted for individual injectors making better mapping calibration possible Contact Us for more info!

Asnu high performance fuel injectors

The ASNU "Select 'n' Injector" High Performance Injector Programme offers the Engine Tuner / High Performance user a complete and unique range of injector options to suit their individual requirements or application.

The ASNU injectors options of spray pattern angles. Each spray angle option is matched to a flow rate to ensure optimum usage of the fuel provided. Based on ASNU experience, these injectors are designed for the varied Motorsport and Street Performance applications.

All holes in the ASNU orifice cap are cut using lasers for greater accuracy and repeatability. Using this latest technology allows ASNU to produce caps with very specific spray patterns and flow rates and can even produce to the customers own specifications.

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